Saturday, 3 November 2012

Week Fifteen: Josh Moore & Envy Productions

In this week’s session, we had the opportunity to talk to Josh Moore from ENVY Post Productions in London. He was a former student at Sheffield Hallam University and came to talk to us about his job, experience and how it is working in post-production houses.

ENVY Productions are located at Oxford Street, LDN. There, you’ll find a community of postproduction houses, as well as other art and media companies around this area. Josh Moore first started by telling us how ENVY worked on long form/longer programs. The company themselves use up to 100 edit suites. There are a range of methods to their editing – including online and offline editing processes.
Offline editing is where the rushes are worked with in a lower quality, edited down and then put online which allows the standard of cuts can be applied to the original high quality footage.
After showing us some of the company’s work, Josh Moore gave us a few tips on how to get into the industry, in regards to first becoming a runner and working your way up. Firstly, is to ensure you make yourself available for any work experience, and try get as much experience as possible. Allow yourself to be flexible and enthusiastic as well as make as many contacts as possible.
Josh also said to contact him in regards to work experience over summer, so for reference, here are his details:
Email: (Put SHU in subject bar when applying for experience)

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