Saturday, 3 November 2012

Week Fifteen: Documentary Brief

After the talk with Josh Moore, Chris went through the brief for our next assessment brief.
To be undertaken in pairs
Length: 4.30 – 5.00
Structure a clear narrative with the material supplied
Establish an empathy with the character
Effective and considered use of voiceover
Creative implementation of sound design
Develop your technical, creative and collaborative skills

My original partner for this project was Luke Wren, however since he was absent for several sessions, I was allowed to change and worked with Alli Metcalf.

One of the main jobs within this task was to tidy up the project we were originally given. The footage was very unorganized, some were disconnected or missing and the music used was taken away. So firstly, we deleted any footage we didn’t have available to us so we didn’t get confused.

After getting given our partners, Alli & I started going through the final cut files and sequence to see if anything was usable, what we had and what steps we needed to take to make this project work. We then took the time to re-label and label the footage – then saving it as our own in our usernames.

By going through the footage, we were also allowed to familiarise ourselves with the footage and the storyline it’s trying to get across, therefore it allowed us to almost immediately think about the mood, atmosphere and style we wanted to create with the footage, and what we would need to do to accomplish this. 

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