Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Brief 1: Non-Sync Drama Editing 'Night Journey'

Our first exercise for this module was to create a 4:30-5:00 minute piece of work that concentrated on:
- Learning to structure a narrative (with the given material 'Night Journey')
- Use voiceover correctly and effectively
- Create a sound design to help the piece flow together
- Develop a range of skills including teamwork
- Focus on pace and characterisation

This brief did seem rather complicated when we first received it. I felt this because I'd never come across it before (unlike previous films I've worked in where I had storyboards and many other documents to guide me through) and there was a lot to go through and understand before we could edit.

First, as usual, we set up Final Cut Pro to auto-save every five minutes (which is extremely helpful once you get into the 'full swing' of editing the footage). Changed the timeline sequence to 10 hours rather than 1, to give us more space to work with, and of course, saved our new project with a suitable name of 'Night Journey'.

We then needed to look through all of the footage captured for 'Night Journey', by using Final Cut Pro and re-naming/sub-clipping individual scenes/people to allow ourselves the chance to understand what shot was what when it came to bringing the piece together as a whole.

After going through all the picture, I went through the narration script to understand what the original work was meant to be about:

'Journey Through The Night' 1999 was about a man travelling to Amsterdam and meeting a 'cannibal' on the journey. The two talk about his lifestyle, death and what it means to each one in regards to their lives.

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