Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Editing Review: The Vampire Diaries

I recently watched the New Episode of the American TV Series 'The Vampire Diaries'. 

I enjoy watching this show on a regular basis, but during this particular episode, I wanted to look at how it was edited to create drama and tension (which helped with both my editing and my drama modules). 

The programme doesn't use voiceover, expect in the title sequence, which once again is quite effective. It tells you the story of the characters so far, by matching the voiceover to the shots - for example when it introduces the main characters, each of the voiceover changes to their voice and a shot of that character is shown. It allows you to understand who the characters are, what is happening to them - all straight away, so you are able to connect with them and explore the story with them, so you can emphasise and sympathise when things go wrong.

However in the particular shot above, I noticed a slight edit problem. As minor as it is, I found it very noticeable because it made the scene not continuous and knocked me out of the 'trance' of the story.

Here we see two characters, Klaus & Rebecca. As the male approaches her and starts conversation, I notice that Rebecca changes directions of face during the shots. In the close-ups, she's facing Klaus straight on, and when the shot is an OTS of his face, she is turned towards the bar. 

It looks strange to me, however it shows that little details such as how your actors stand/place themselves need to be continuous to avoid any confusion for the audience. 

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