Friday, 12 October 2012

Week Eleven: Assessment Brief/Edit Competition

In this session, we were introduced to our assessment briefs as well as given a competition to take part in during the session. 

Firstly, for this module, we were asked to complete a portfolio of work (in the style of a blog) that would include three major editing projects: Non-Sync Drama Editing (Night Journey), Documentary Editing (In A Climber's Hands) and Comedy Editing (Out of Date) as well as the Research Blog itself, where we would need to show evidence of work through screen-grabs, reviews and evaluative reports. 

After discussing the nature of the module, we watched the beginning of  'The Cutting Edge', which is a documentary, which at this stage confused me because our first project was drama, however it was very interesting and I noted down some ideas for the next project.

For the rest of the session, we were asked to complete a competition within two groups. Our aim was to create a 90 second promotion of Sheffield Hallam film students by finding video clips online, which were from a list of film and TV shows Sheffield students have/are working on after university. 

The first thing we did as a team was have a group meeting to decide who was going to research which item from the list, who was going to bring the project together (edit all the clips together) and any other issues we had. I chose to research a TV programme Breaking Bad (because I've seen the show and knew a good action sequence we could use) and also the new James Bond film Skyfall. 

Above are the two clips I chose to work with. My role was to choose the time frame from the clip and send it to the two editors who were bringing the piece together. From the Breaking Bad clip, I chose the slow motion throw of the explosive and the explosion, and in the Skyfall trailer, the scene on top of the train, as well as other action scenes within the trailer. When I was finished with these two clips, I attempted to get some others, however noticed that the editor in charge of bringing it together was struggling, so I helped bring all the footage to her for her to work on.

Unfortunately we didn't finish our video, we ran out of time. We got feedback from Chris, saying that we needed to be more organised, as well as assign someone to be the team leader. I really enjoyed this exercise and would like to try again in the future, but ensure that we're much more organised as a group next time.

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