Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Rough Cut & Altering Timeline Efficiency

Before starting to thoroughly start editing the Night Journey footage, we noticed a few mistakes with our rough cut timeline and decided that it would be better for us to sort this out now so we didn't run into problems later in the process (since it should have been done when setting up the Final Cut Pro Project at the beginning). So firstly, we noticed that this particular sequence was set to a 1 hour starting timecode. Unfortunately I felt that editing it on this sequence would cause too many problems, so ensured that my rough cut and fine cut timelines were both set to 10 hour start time codes. We use 10 hour time codes as starting at 1 hour is used in American editing.

Another thing we wanted to change was the efficiency of how the timeline looked and how we worked with it. At the beginning, we used the option to keep the thumbnail of the shot on to familiarise ourselves which what we meant, however we noticed that these images took up a lot of space on the timeline, so we decided it would be better to change this to just show the name of the shot we were using, because, if we'd labelled it correctly, we should know clearly what shots are what.  

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