Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Week Twelve: Rough Edit - Feedback

Unfortunately I was absent from this session due to illness, however Jess showed our 20-second opening for feedback from our tutor and classmates.

- The first point made was the timeline mistakes (which we didn't fix before this date), which we sorted out straight away.
- The shots we're broken down nicely, but need to up cleaned up and put into bins.
- Really nice beginning.
- Good considered use of narration, cutting the narration with the pictures.
- The pacing on the beginning is perfect.

So since we'd only focused on putting the assembly into a rough edit, it was going well so far. Unfortunately we didn't have a full rough cut to show so we didn't get as much advice on the rest of the piece as we should have been able to have - however it was helpful and let us know we were going in the right direction.

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