Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Sorting Out Narration

After working through all the rushes, we looked at the narration more closely. We looked at the script (as shown below) and decided to listen to the narration to see whether it worked in the order we wanted it - because if the voiceover actor didn't show the emotion we wanted, we'd have to change our style so that it worked. 

Some of the narration worked and some didn't, sometimes the words lacked the emotion we wanted to portray so, we changed the mood to be more confusing and mysterious than a fear. We ensured that we looked through both takes of the narration, and sub-clipped each different section to make it easier for ourselves later on in the editing process. The narration however was recorded on a good level throughout (didn't change too much, but would still need some editing later on...), which was helpful. After sub-clipping the narration, we decided to look at the next step.

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