Sunday, 2 December 2012

Drama: Misfits

Misfits is a British sci-fi comedy-drama television show, which follows a group of young offenders who are sentenced to work within a community centre on a community service program. Where a mysterious storm occurs and that obtain supernatural powers.

In regard to the edit, Misfits starts with a lot of cut showing flash backs of previous episodes the show have already aired, that is an on going series, these cuts are hectic. The edit focuses on the drama and the comedy, and therefore the emotion within the film.

One of the most recent episodes followed the group at a house party where the host takes drugs and hallucinates ‘The Rabbit’, and because of the storm the hallucination becomes real and terrorises the house block and the community centre crew.

Near the beginning of the episode, we, as the audience, are told about the group going to a house party. The two male characters, Rudy & Finn are walking around the community centre, and juxtaposed shots of the host, is shown. Rudy talks about him always being drugged up and always hallucinating – and are shown a range of shots (Extreme close ups of him taking drugs, watching TV program on a rabbit having surgery – shot of the scalpel on TV juxtaposed with the boy’s scalpel cutting the drugs). This worked really well to show the audience the character and the description.

I think music plays a massive part in this style of drama, it sets the mood, the atmosphere and also makes any action scenes much more dramatic. For example, there’s a scene where the group look for Jess after she’s captured by the rabbit. The set is the basement, where it’s dark and the pipes are noisy and drippy – creating tension straight away. The shots are slow, some slow tracks are used, as the characters quietly search for their missing friend, and quick when they encounter the ‘killer rabbit’ creating different types of tension between the two scenes.

I like misfits as an audience member, the shots are cleverly cut to create the right emotion within a particular scene and entices you into the story.

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