Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Comedy Editing: Creating A Jingle

For the scene I'd chosen to edit, I noticed that at the beginning, there is a big section with no dialogue, and the atmospheric sounds weren't interesting at all, so I thought that I would include a comedy 'jingle' within my piece to add to the comical atmosphere as well as keep the piece enticing.

Firstly, I looked at Royalty Free Music websites, because I am not very skilled when it comes to creating music and sounds and thought it would be easier in the time I had. However I didn't find any I liked and decided to try give it a go to find one and make my own.

It wasn't very difficult because it wasn't very long, and only needed one sound from Garageband. I chose this specific jingle because it's soft and flowing with a comical edge, it's not too heavy at the beginning of the film, so the audience can be introduced with ease.

After finding the right sound and the right length I needed the piece to be, I exported the sound from Garageband to create an .aif file, which would import into Final Cut Pro, and could then put into my project. Above, shows the imported jingle. I then decided to take my rough cut and start fine cutting the piece. 

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