Friday, 14 December 2012

Documentary Editing: Sorting Through Footage

After getting the footage from the Shared folder, we decided to look more thoroughly through the original sequence we were given. Some of the footage was missing (mostly interview and music) so we decided it would be easy to start a brand new sequence for our own project, but also look at the visual footage and set up of the original one to see what worked and how we could change it and make it better for our project. Some of the footage is really nice and others not as much, so we decided it would be best to label things clearly and sort them into suitable bins so we knew which footage is better.

Alli & I spent the majority of the session labelling the footage and setting up the bins. I liked the look of this documentary and was excited to make it from scratch - as we thought this would be easier for us to get a fresh start. 

The first thing we noticed is that we didn't have much interview footage, which documentaries do heavily rely on! We were slightly worried about making it a  5 minute piece with what we found, but carried on checking everything anyway. Some of the interview footage was also not recorded very well - both the audio and video qualities were quite low, so we knew we would have to spend a good amount of time working on them to make them better for the piece.

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