Thursday, 20 December 2012

REVISION | Documentary Editing

After completing my Comedy Assessment, I decided to use the feedback we gained for our Documentary to revise the edit we'd created. Alli & I met up and went through the feedback and started to make changes on the work accordingly.

One of the main things we needed to change was our sound design. It was completed to a rough standard and wasn't mixed very well, so we decided to recreate the sound design (the music for the piece) completely, and make it one long track of different sound bites and blend them together, rather than creating several different pieces and trying to blend them into the interview with no background atmos or music. I think this approach makes the work sound and flow much better. 

Here are some screenshots of our Garageband track for our music design. We decided to play with different styles this time, something not to heavy but also add a change so the audience don't get bored of a specific sound if it's played continuously throughout the piece. Below, is where we started to work with the video file (which we exported and brought into Garageband) to see where we needed music, where we needed background atmos and therefore, what we needed to change in regard to levels, and where in the soundtrack this needed to be done. 

We spent quite of few hours on re-creating the soundtrack (shown below), we used a range of sounds and decided that this approach might allow the piece to have better rhythm throughout. So, after finishing the edit (we revised the ending after importing it back FCP because it didn't work), we took the sound design back into our project file and started editing any shots or timings to make them fit better with the design we'd created.

We also took the time to sort out our interview sound. When we first presented the work, we realised that some of the interview audio we edited sounded terrible on the speakers, so we decided to use the original because it would be better than editing it (this time).

I'm glad we went over this project. I really like our revised version and think we spent more time on the sound design this time, so the rhythm works a lot better for the piece throughout.

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