Sunday, 16 December 2012

Comedy Editing: Intro & Prep

In session, we were told about our next assignment for this module. We were shown where to access footage of a comedy we needed to edit. We were told that we needed to pick one three-minute scene, or two different scenes if the particular scene you chose wasn't long enough. I've previously read through the entire screenplay which was available on blackboard throughout the module, but nothing really stood out to me at this point in regard to which scenes I wanted to take on. 

I decided it would be easier to look through the footage and decide which stood out to me the most. Firstly I decided on the opening supermarket scene, I thought it looked interesting and stood out to me, at this point I didn't know how long it would be - so I chose a second scene - the house scene with Alf, Tony & Penny in case my rough cut of the supermarket wasn't long enough. I liked some of shots within these scenes and I could picture in my head how I wanted them to work. 

Firstly, I sorted through all the footage of these scenes by labelling and sorting them into different bins.

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