Sunday, 2 December 2012

Drama: I Do Air

I Do Air is a short drama directed by Martina Amati, which follows a young girl who was a fear of swimming underwater, the film shows that through determination and the ability to escape her world, she conquers her fear with the help of two underwater scuba divers.

One of the most interesting features that stood out to me was the sound edit. Throughout the piece, there is the ambience of the swimming pool – the echoes, the water as people diving and conversations of people using the pool. But you also get some music within this (mostly used towards to end of the piece), which I think helps create a more emotional atmosphere for the audience to react to.

However the shot above – I really liked the idea. When the girl holds her breath, all the sounds disappear and silence occurs. She wants to escape all the noise, all the fear and pressure, and be able to swim. The use of silence within the edit gives a sense of escapism, and occurs twice in the film. The holding of the breath appears to link the internal and external.

Even though she is afraid of going underwater, it is her dream to do so, to be free within the water. This is shown within the changing room scene, when she holds her breath and imagines she's underwater, and as an audience member, we see her fantasy visually, as she floats in the changing room as if she's under the water.

The colour scheme of the film works very well, because it follows the genre and tone the piece creates - she's sad that she can't do what she dreams to do, however the sound works together with the visual to raise the tone and make the audience happy for her being able to conquer her fear.

I enjoyed this piece, the edit was flowing like the water, the visual and sound worked well together and complimented each other to create the emotion for the audience to emphaise with the character.

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