Thursday, 20 December 2012

Comedy Editing: Fine Cut

After creating a jingle and bringing into the Final Cut Project, I started on my fine cut. I went through each shot, making sure that it was the right choice (and when it wasn't, revising the shot to make the piece better) in regard to the sound and shot. I chose to do this scene by scene (since i'd chosen two to edit due to the time ratio we needed for assessment). I also included a title, as I thought it would be a nice way to separate my two scenes.

My fine cut was helpful because some of the sound edit wasn't set up correctly, it would sometimes be out of sync with the different shots i'd chosen, or the levels would be completely different, so allowing myself to do this edit made me see mistakes I made in the rough cut and edit them precisely to fit and flow with each other. I also had some sections in my rough cut which had no sound at all, which meant there was atmospheric sound, then there wasn't. So I needed to find some way of allowing some atmospheric sound to appear where there wasn't any, which was a good problem solving issue. I found a piece of atmosphere from the same set up and brought it into the section where there was no sound, then used Cross Dissolves and changed the levels to allow it to flow from one shot to another without a jolt in sound.

Overall I enjoyed this process. Since it was the first time I had to edit everything on my own I found it quite challenging but interesting at the same time.

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