Friday, 14 December 2012

Documentary: Rough Cut

After sorting through the footage, we first created a rough assembly of shots we liked and sections of interview we wanted to use. We transcript the interviews and highlighted bits we wanted to use beforehand - because we thought it would be easier to work the visual around the audio.

After assembling the shots we wanted and the audio, we started working on our rough cut, by first sorting an opening montage - Alli created a great edit of shots which was over a minute, and we decided to cut it down and use different sections in different places throughout the film. I then took the task of finding other shots to use, as well as cutaway shots to go with the interview footage. I chose a range of L/S and shots of the climber working to correspond with what he was saying during a particular section.

We then worked together through the rest of the rough cut and assembling our 5-minute piece.

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